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“Scott” blacklisted in HQ chat

Recently, it was announced that the loved Scott Rogowsky left HQ Trivia to move to a baseball show on DAZN. After learning more about the situation, we learned that Scott might have left HQ on bad terms, with Scott even confirming that he wasn’t given the opportunity for a farewell show, and some users even petitioning HQ to give Scott the opportunity of a farewell show.

Former HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky. Original source: HQ Trivia on Giphy

HQ’s current chat system has filters to block out certain messages that may be considered inappropriate or offensive. However, we recently found evidence that suggests the term “Scott” is now blacklisted in the HQ Trivia Chat. One source suggests that the workaround for users who want to mention the name of the former host is simply “Scot”– although we’re yet to confirm this.

Previously, it was reported that the term “Rus” was muted from the chat system after TechCrunch reported HQ staff petitioned to remove him from his position as CEO following his decisions, behavior and after it was also reported that HQ’s Board of Directors is looking to replace Rus with a new, autonomous CEO.

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