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HQ’s Champion Mode: Sunday at 8PM

During the 9PM game this Sunday, Matt announced a special game to happen Sunday, May 19th at 8PM Eastern. If you win any game of HQ Trivia or HQ Sports* this week, you’ll be able to participate in this special game. You could win money, points, and special prizes. The prize payout for the Champion game appears to be $1k, as shown on the app after the Saturday’s Trivia game.

It’s not yet confirmed, but each individual question might be worth a certain prize amount. We don’t yet know all details of this story as it is developing. We’ll update here as we learn more.

Update 1: According to the Monday HQ Sports game, if you win an HQ Trivia or HQ Sports game this week you’ll be eligible to participate in the Champion Game. Previously, it was only known that Trivia wins were eligible.

Update 2: We previously stated that you could be invited to participate in the game due to a misunderstanding. This has been fixed. In addition, we also list the prize payout.

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