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New Season 4 Trivia Format

On HQ Trivia’s May 23rd games, you might have noticed some exciting changes. First of all, games were 25 questions. Seems like a lot, right? But there’s some pretty cool reasoning behind this. We now have been introduced to checkpoints (Prize Questions) and the ability to answer surveys during games. The Prize Questions started out at question 9. If you made it that far and answered the question correctly, you were given the option to cashout or keep playing to get to the next Prize Question or ultimately, the $15,000 jackpot. You cannot use an extra life on a Prize Question, so if you get it wrong, you are out of the game. Also, levels will not work on those prize questions. So if you have one, for example, on question 6, and you have a free pass through question 6, it will not count. Another rule with this new format is extra lives cannot be used past question 14. It definitely has increased the nerve racking excitement that a lot of players seemed to be missing. Also, if no one wins the $15,000 jackpot, it will get rolled over to another game. We are not sure at this time if every game will be in the new format or not, but so far, season 4 has started off with a bang!!

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